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CuttingEdge Project

M²: 615

Location: Manikata, Malta

Type: Commission

Status: Built

Year: 2010

Images by David Pisani


M+’s interior design and lighting scheme for a villa with breathtaking ocean and country views reimagines Mediterranean modernity and luxury.

The hillside villa’s rectangular architecture is split over three levels and features a close communication between internal and external textures. The upper kitchen level and lower living area share white marble tiles which extend outside, while longitudinal timber inserts run similarly across the apertures, further emphasising the visual link.

A contrasting dining level occupies the central space; an angled, continuous timber chamber which is mirrored texturally outdoors. This creates a warm entrance area, and a sense of nature is drawn into the luxury of this contemporary home.

Mixed materials and textures are juxtaposed throughout the interior creating a series of strong forms, such as the organic grey and white patterned surface of the staircase, or the lines of the wooden dining level. Custom-built fireplaces were incorporated into storage units and cutting edge technology adds convenience. The bath was built in-situ, with its own views, yet remaining private. Bedroom furniture, like much of the furniture in the entire property, is bespoke.

The directional lighting created by m+design emphasises the perimeters of the building inside and out. Leading from one floor to another, it allows the occupant to create a variety of moods throughout the day. This same guiding concept informed each room’s striking lighting pattern, enhancing both the architecture and interior detailing.

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