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I'm Maria.


Senior interior and lighting designer Maria Mercieca is a founding member of m+design studio with nearly 20 years of professional experience. From residential interiors, commercial projects, industrial setups and offices, to TV studio sets, the design of bespoke furniture and formal gardens, Maria’s portfolio includes a wide range of innovative projects that bear her hallmark of quality custom design. On a variety of project scales, Maria applies a detailed approach to both design work and to project management, ensuring a smooth transition from initial client consultation to completion.
Graduating in 1995, having studied interior design at Palazzo Spinelli, ‘Istituto di Arte e Restauro’, in Florence, Italy, she has continued to further her studies and research throughout her career, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in 2001 from the University of Malta. In 2010, she read for a degree in Lighting Design at Masters level at ‘ La Sapienza’ University, in Rome, Italy.
Maria’s work has been featured in local and international publications, and she has contributed articles to a number of magazines, journals and newspapers. She is also a founding member and treasurer of Malta Interior Design Association (MIDA)

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