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Into the Blue Project

M²: 100

Location: Sliema, Malta

Type: Commission

Status: Built

Year: 2015

Images by Alan Carville, David Pisani, Elisa Van Brockdorff

Bold elements define the character of a bright, minimalist, one bedroom apartment. In opening up the main living, dining and kitchen area and allowing a stunning view to become the focal point, m+design have re-imagined a traditional city apartment as both the perfect entertaining space and a studio-style retreat.

A brilliant aqua floor, paired with white walls lends personality, and the seemingly unlimited custom storage provides plenty of organisation. Bespoke seating is multi-purpose, acting as a casual living/dining area, relaxation nook and even extra accommodation for guests. Overhead, a white cantilevered lamp provides flexible lighting - accentuating the area and helping to visually soften the apartment’s rectangular floor plan. 

Throughout, architectural faceting, recessed shadow gaps lit with orange LEDs, and glass panels shot with punches of blue and yellow provide shifting detail and warmth from day to night. These inventive solutions ensure the main living space, bathroom and bedroom work in harmony, reflecting the white and blue of the sky outside.

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