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Whitewashed Project

M²: 695

Location: Malta

Type: Commission

Status: Built

Year: 2015

Images by David Pisani, Alan Carville, Elisa Von Brockdorff


Contemporary design solutions for a historic four-bedroom farmhouse transform traditional elements into focal features, creating a sunny family home with ample room for entertaining and relaxation.

M+ added a glass ceiling above the open courtyard to animate a new living space below with light, and introduced tranquil shades of white and grey. Texture was created with white wood, marble and concrete, while retaining original exposed stone walls. Reintroducing wrought iron balconies and restored timber shutters, while leaving some original walls bare add traditional touches.

The kitchen, just off the central living area, features a new fireplace designed to complement  its traditional surroundings. A bespoke unit above provides a bookcase, conceals the fireplace flue and emits warm light into the dining area and kitchen. With so much open social space in the home, a semi-secret mezzanine nook at first floor level is a welcome surprise – a room to escape to read or to work.

The transition between the ground and first floor is made via the original stone staircase - now finished in white resin - that leads up to a new balcony walkway. Here, the bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms enjoy countryside vistas, and a night’s rest is rewarded with an idyllic garden view each morning.

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